State of the Blog


Well…  Apologies to those who read and want more posts, and apologies that I have yet to get around to revamping the blog and older posts.  I will…  I promise.

Overall, the blog is still going.  I hope to and aim to continue with it.  I know I have some readers who write other cocktail blogs, and I’m flattered that they read my blog.  I had been meaning to add a blogroll for the longest time, and I have started one.  If you wish to have your blog attached to the blogroll, please send me an email.   I read a lot more blogs than just those on my blogroll, and since I am busy right now, I haven’t added all those I read…  Still, it would make it easier if you sent me a message.

I have just posted eight, yes eight, blog posts today for people to read.  I also posted earlier this week a post that is a bunch of musings and ramblings about cocktail culture as a whole, and some thoughts on the matter.  It isn’t like I’m Camper English, so who really cares what I think, but still, I think there is a pretty good summary about the state of cocktail culture and my feelings on it all (positive of course). 

Right now, the aim is to address life concerns more so than the blog, but I will try to keep up with it and post some more cocktails and information about cocktails.  First though, I plan to revamp the blog, add a page dedicated to a list of all the cocktails done (for easier access), and then also revise the old cocktails so that they are more coherent, less rambling, and more organized.  I need to come to terms that a lot of the people who read my blog look for history, but they have a baseline which causes them to read the blog.  Thus, I am thinking of moving history stuff to separate articles, and leave things pertaining to the drinks in those articles themselves.

In the near future I hope to do some posts about craft cocktails created by some specific bartenders.  Craft cocktails are great, and I need some sort of direction, and while cocktail history is what this blog will still be about, new cocktails represent a specific movement in our history.  And there are great bartenders who deserve recognition.

Otherwise, people can still reach me via email, or Facebook, since my name is rather unique and it shouldn’t prove too onerous to find me.  And comments are appreciated.   

And hopefully I’ll see some of you at Tales of the Cocktail.