The Saint Augustine

Another cocktail with little history to be found, the drink just needs to be noted.
Not much to say about this cocktail besides the obvious fact that it shares the name with Saint Augustine of Hippo, perhaps the most famous of all Saints with regards to the Latin Church.  And while I could perhaps ramble on about the Saint, and his relationship to Africa, it doesn’t make sense to name a cocktail after him, especially one that seemingly has no connection whatsoever.  I would rather think, and propose, that the cocktail is named after the city located in Florida.  Though speculative, the cocktail makes a lot more sense viewed from this lens: the city, which was originally Spanish and founded in 1565, later became, just like Palm Beach, a resort, thanks to the efforts of Henry Flagler. 
Seeing as how the city, a place where rum would be known, as well as grapefruit juice, is rather close to Palm Beach and has a resort history, it makes sense that a cocktail, so very similar to the Palm Beach Special, might actually be from or inspired by this city.  Unfortunately, I can’t so much as find a source on this tipple, seeing as how I lifted it from Cocktail Database.  If I do come across anything I’ll definitely update this post.
Overall, the drink works well with both French and Spanish style white rums: the French style, with more floral notes, works exceptionally well, and something that is rather clean and sharp in the Spanish style works fairly well in the drink as well.  Also a dash of lemon bitters works well instead of the lemon zest, especially if you wish to use grapefruit zest to provide aromatic to the drink instead.
Saint Augustine:
1 1/2 oz light rum
3/4 oz grapefruit juice 
1/4 oz Cointreau
Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice, shake until chilled and strain into a cocktail glass.  Garnish with a lemon twist.
CocktailDB: The Internet Cocktail Database. “Saint Augustine Cocktail.” (accessed February 5, 2011).