Domain Name


After looking over Google Analytics results, I decided that I wanted to have a domain name.  For now the blog will be accessible at both the new and the old domains, and content will be mirrored against both.  I’m also thinking of modifying things and redesigning the website, but that is a longer term project.  Some things, like the site search, may take time to be archived since Google is still hosting the blog for now…  as such, apologies.

The new domain is:

Looking forward to many new posts.  On the list to come, Vieux Carre, Hawaiian, Flip, Cobbler, Smash, Fix, Navy Grog, Cablegram, Sangria (at some point …), a Suze Collins, Punch (probably after Wondrich’s new book arrives and I have had time to look through it).  God only knows what else, but those were articles or things I’ve been looking into or have been planning…  Plus I am hoping to talk about Anvil, and Cana at some point (only good things, I swear).


Ereich Empey